Process Development, Design and Operations


35 years experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, John Quatroche provides expertise in chemical processes and bio technology development, equipment design and operations for API manufacturing. He has extensive experience developing and transferring small molecule processes from bench to full scale manufacturing as well as trouble shooting existing processes. He also has extensive experience developing and scaling up large molecule unit operations such as disk stack centrifugation clarification, depth filtration, micro, ultra and nano tangential flow filtration. He retired from Eli Lilly in 2017.

Education and Affiliations

  BS Chemical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University

· MS Organic Chemistry, Butler University

· Professional Engineer, Indiana

· American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

Technical Skills

Small molecule process development and optimization for manufacturing

· Development of safe processes, eliminating undue hazards

· Increasing reaction yield and process recovery

· Selection of optimum unit operations for purification

· Selection of optimum analytical method and method development for process monitoring

· Batch distillation process optimization: solvent exchange and product distillation

· Batch crystallization optimization – purity and particle size control

· Product filtration optimization – single plate filter and filtering centrifuge

Large molecule primary recovery and purification process development and optimization

· Development of optimum centrifuge conditions for fermentation broth clarification

· Development of depth filter clarification processes

· Development of micro, ultra and nano tangential flow filtration processes

Process design

· Selection of appropriate equipment and material of construction for unit operations

· Measurement of equilibrium data required for design of unit operation

· Execution of laboratory scale tests to verify process performance prior to scale up

Equipment & Piping design

· Vessel design/selection

· Pump sizing/selection

· P&ID development